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Matthew Fordham

On Battle Updates: Ground Sensors as Virtual Sentries

By Matthew Fordham May 3, 2017

One of the largest misconceptions with physical security products today is assuming that these..

On Source Security: An Asymmetric Approach to Perimeter Security

By Matthew Fordham May 2, 2017

Modern perimeter security approaches mean monitoring well beyond physical barriers. As Applied..

On Inverse: Pathfinder & The Future of Border Surveillance

By Matthew Fordham May 2, 2017

As policies and plans regarding heightened security at the southern United States border unfold,..

Pathfinder Featured On Local Fox 44 News

By Matthew Fordham May 1, 2017

With the fight to contain illegal immigration along the United States southern border raging,..

ARA'S E-UGS/Pathfinder Highlighted for Border Surveillance Capabilities

By Matthew Fordham February 10, 2017

ARA is leading the way in threat route detection and monitoring systems. Our product,..


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